The Chamber of Crafts Training Centre in Münster (HBZ)

English Abstract

Außenansicht des Gebäudeteils A des Bildungszentrums HBZ in Münster

Foto: HBZ Münster

The Chamber of Crafts Training Centre in Münster (HBZ) is one of the largest educational establishments for the craft trades in Germany, with approximately 2000 training places, 37 teaching and computing rooms, 60 workshops and 240 guest house beds.

Modern training in practical and theoretical knowledge

The aim of our comprehensive range of modern training and further training opportunities is to give craft trade apprentices, journeymen and masters, as well as persons working in other relevant sectors the practical and theoretical knowledge they need to facilitate their future careers.

Wide range of training opportunities

The HBZ Münster provides vocational instruction in more than 25 craft trades, including preparation for the master craftsman examination, plus a wide range of further training opportunities, comprising industrial/technical and commercial courses, and a comprehensive programme of seminars in the fields of media technology, environmental protection and business management.

Excellent reputation - beyond the boundaries of North Rhine-Westphalia

The HBZ cooperates with a number of reputable companies and also offers a number of company training courses to customer requirements, in-house if required. Our workshops are equipped with the latest technical facilities, with highly qualified specialist personnel, and an individual range of consultancy and customer services. It is no surprise that the HBZ Münster has earned itself an excellent reputation, one that extends well beyond the boundaries of North Rhine-Westphalia.